Friday, December 21, 2007

love my beanie boy.

just chillin owey style. (always with the little prayer hands!)
this is one of the beanies i made last week. personally, i think it's really cute. the giant poof ball on top may be a little indulgent on my part (he may kill me when he's 17), but i just couldn't help myself!
so, we're off to wintry wyoming tomorrow bright and early. wishing you all the merriest of christmases and we'll be sure to post o's first christmas when we get back!


Becca's Blog said...

Owen may be mad at you when he's 17but for now he looks adorable in that hat. Did you crochet it? See, maybe you're more domestic then you think. Well, have a Merry Christmas!

Madsen Family said...

LOVE the beanie. LOVED your Christmas card, too. So artistic are you two. I think I'll have you make all my cards. I hope you had/are having fun in WY for Christmas. Can't wait to see more pics!