Monday, December 31, 2007

baby's first christmas

were you dreaming of a white christmas?
we didn't even have to dream about it, cuz we were smack in the middle of it!
lucky little o got to spend his first christmas in a winter wonderland amongst adoring grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins he'd never met.
this christmas:
i loved the sight of: snowflakes falling on chubby pink cheeks barely peeking out of a head to toe baby bundle. a beautifully lit tree standing tall next to a roaring fireplace. grandparents smitten by their 6 little grandchildren.
i loved the sound of: family togetherness via the infamous "rock band". a rich and sweet violin solo carrying christmas melodies all throughout the chapel. a baby boy discovering his voice.
i loved the smell of: hot wassail on the stovetop. christmas breakfast from all the way in the basement (enough to get me out of bed!)
i loved the taste of: gooey cinnamon caramels. soft molasses cookies. juicy clementines. sticky brown sugar bacon. shelly's slush. vanilla ice cream with homemade caramel sauce. buttery squash (calories don't count at christmas right?)
i loved the feel of: coming inside from the cold to a warm home. new thermal pj's. super soft socks. being surrounded by loved ones we've missed so much. cuddling up at night to stay warm. our first christmas as a family of three. knowing the true reason for the season and feeling so very blessed for all that we have!


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