Monday, September 25, 2006


So we are officially settled down in O-town (wow... that rhymes!) and loving our new digs. Honestly, we feel so lucky to have landed where we have. After a long summer away from the ocean and an even longer drive towards the ocean- we are super stoked to be totally awesomely close to the waves dude. I never thought I would end up here in Oceanside. In fact, I would have laughed (or cringed) at the idea in high school. Nevertheless, we really have found a little piece of heaven on earth here. Our apartment is sweet - the perfect size, perfect price, and perfect location. We are literally 5 blocks from the sand - I have never lived so close to the ocean in my life.
The beaches here remind me a lot of Huntington - long wide sandy beaches, a boardwalk (called the Strand), lined with palm trees, and of course- the pier!

We are also within walking distance to the harbor, to downtown, movie theatres, etc. On thursdays there is a farmers marked just 2 blocks from us- and let me tell you - we got the most AMAZING avocados there the other day. Wow- like CANDY! Anyhow, we are right next to the 101, and so far we have yet to witness any crime. ha ha. I was a little nervous about that - this area really is a mixing pot. We have little mexi neighbors but then there are like $2 million houses down the street. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. We feel safe here and it really is a fun town to live in.

We also really like our ward! We were pretty nervous because it is so hard to compare anything to our wonderful ward in Fountain Valley, but so far so good! We have met some really nice people and we feel like we will fit in well here. We just got called to be team teachers in the primary. Cute kids.

There are quite a few military families (Camp Pendelton is technically in our ward boundaries) which brings a really unique perspective. Every prayer that is said mentions the soldiers and it helps to remind us all that freedom is not free. I am so grateful that there are men and women willing to serve our country.

Diego is thrilled to have his own territory where he is allowed to run free (we never let him run around in Clint's parents house). He really thinks he owns the place but he has been really good after a seriously traumatizing trip down here.

We love being close to friends and family and are so excited that we get to see them often. We have already ran into so many people and been able to catch up on life. We are eager to see what else life has for us here in our new little home. And whoever wants to come visit- our door is always open! (Well, not really - but you know what I mean!)


mique123 said...

YEAH YEAH!!! Your blog looks sweet! I love the pics of O-side....can't wait to visit (whenever that may be). Luv u,

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