Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria...AND my car.


This is Cowboy Clint coming to you from the "wild wild west". (you'll be able to tell by the spelling.)

I thoroughly detest the whole "metal militia - bling bling - gangsta thang". All the black clothes, flame tattoos, and acting all tough. I am all tough, so instead of the fake cadillac emblem belt buckle... i just got the cadillac.

"OH YEAH..." (like the Kool-aid man) the rumors are true. I am the proud owner of 20 feet of american sheet metal bliss. It flaunts its size with a 12 foot wing span, endless chrome that can only be measured in acres and a trunk fit for a small vietnamese family. Upon entry you are greeted in the foyer by flowing vinyl and wood-like trim. The main living area features two antique overstuffed couches, one is even powered. Automatic climate control is a must for any voyage and a deluxe built-in 8track stereo can be heard from all corners of the ship. Lighting our way is a Sentinal Automatic Headlight System and the signiture hood ornament points the course. I like to call it the "Mayflower", which will carry my family to the promised land. Jess likes to call it "La Casita".

Some of you may be saddened to learn that an official copilot for this vessel has already been guessed it...Diego. This ship will soon port in Oceanside, CA where she belongs. (I know the real Mayflower landed on the east coast, but just go with me on this one.) Certainly you are all asking "When do I get a ride?" Well, I was going for a strict first come first serve policy, however considering the amount of requests, I think we can all just ride together.

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mom said...

All I have to say is "OH MY GOSH!!!!!"