Tuesday, December 08, 2009

jingle bells, batman smells.

image found here
am sending out this year's christmas cheer complete with lovely picture of the erickson 4 (though getting o & h to both look at the camera AND smile, didn't happen this year. oh well. they're still cute.)
if you'd like to be on the nice list, send me your address asap to jessicamerickson(at)yahoo.com and i'll be sure your mailman delivers it with hot cocoa and candy canes. ok, maybe not the last part, but wouldn't that be nice?
don't you love december mail? me too! (hint, hint:)


brooke said...

I think you have mine but if not let me know! If I can get out of the house to buy stamps you will get some December mail from me very soon!

Dave and Candace said...

Hi Jessica - this is Candace (Hna. Winter). I check your blog every so often because I love reading it! Your kids are the same age as mine and were born almost exactly the same time as mine - anyway, I wanted to finally say hi and tell you thanks for inspiring me! I seriously don't know how you accomplish so much - you are amazing.