Wednesday, December 09, 2009

i'm dreaming... of a DIY christmas

so, i know most of you dear readers aren't poor college students like we are, but we could all use a little extra cash around the holidays, right?
so, i present to you our grand-felted-diy-extravaganza-christmas!

we got rid of our disgustingly cheap fake christmas tree in the big move and don't ever get real ones because we are never actually home for christmas. that and the fact that my boys stick EVERYTHING in their mouths. i know henry would be pooping pine needles for weeks! what's that? too much information? sorry 'bout that.
so, we went with something a little different this year:
do you see it? over there in the right hand corner? (yes, i know the glider is covering it up) oh, you need a closer look? oh, alright:
that would be 2 dead(ish) trees from our back yard cemented into 2 large galvanized pots we had lying around. leftover lights, a few PLASTIC yet festive ornaments, and a few diy felt and rik-rak ornaments (tutorial here) and voila... a fun and festive (and CHEAP) tree alternative. total cost? about $8.

and the stockings? oh the stockings. i'm in love. must admit, i saw them on etsy and while i am totally a proponent of buying things on etsy (obviously) i knew that a) i didn't have enough time to order them and get them here in time to enjoy them and b) i have mounds and mounds of beautiful bright felt that was begging to be used up for such a project. so easy, so simple, so funky. and that's how i like it. total cost? $0

owey loves them too. see his hand waving madly at the o? yep. he's pretty excited that the green one is just for him.

after i finished the tree and the stockings something was missing. aaaah yes, another easy way to use up that felt. a re-usable christmas chain. i love the way it looks, and i can use it over and over again. and my sis even pointed out that since it isn't made out of traditional christmas colors i could use it to countdown for ANY holiday! brilliant!
just cut strips of felt and ironed on some velcro i had in my stash. total cost? $0.

and of course we had to complete the mantle with a nativity. this is actually one of the few nativities we could find in CA when we were first married (it's embarrassing how difficult it is to find christ centered christmas items there). it isn't anything fancy, not an heirloom for sure. but does it remind us what this holiday is really about? yes indeedy. and i love seeing owey learn about baby jesus and his miraculous birth.

and don't forget about diego...

and there you have it. a diy christmas. owey approves!

and mom, if you're wondering why i am not in bed at this insane hour... henry is cutting yet another tooth. yup, 3 at once. i have a feeling i won't be sleeping much this week.


Nicki said...

love the Christmas tree! we also have avoided putting up a Christmas tree this year and have opted for another "creative" tree... I usually end up liking the creative ones even more anyway! :)

Cheryl said...

Wow Jessica. You totally amaze me with your creativity! I LOVE the tree, that's brilliant! :)

Mom said...

Yes, I would be wondering why you are posting so lat/early?! Very cute ideas! reminds me of the good ol' days when I used to make most of our decorations. I actually got nostalgic this morning as I was decorating the "kids' " tree. Lots of past Christmases to remember fondly!!!

Lauren said...

Very cute ideas, Jessica. You guys seem so happy!

amy said...

those stockings are too cute. love them! you are so creative it makes me sick. it's a good thing i know you pretty well or i may have to hate you for how talented you are. :) great job with the DIY decorations. i really am impressed!

p.s. SO great to see you for a bit over thanksgiving. it does always remind me just how much i wished you still lived here!

Melissa said...

So creative Jess! Way to go! I am just inspired by your creativity!