Friday, September 25, 2009


in hawaii striking his best model pose

pardon the interruption. we break the regularly scheduled lack of blogging for an important announcement:
my. baby. is. two. TWO!

at farm country - thanksgiving point

ok, so technically he isn't THE baby anymore. but, he's my baby nonetheless, and today he crosses the line over into full-blown-toddlerhood.
his favorite toy after riding on a plane for 8 hours

i don't know how i went from feeling like i was holding the tiniest little human on the planet one day to wrestling and giggling with this crazy little wild-haired boy, but sure enough, it has happened. some days i just wish time would speed up - to be past the tantrums and out of diapers and able to communicate 100%. but then i realize this little boy will only be this little today. even tomorrow he will be a little bigger, a little older, a little smarter. and before i know it he'll be bigger than me (hopefully!!) and even less into snuggling than he is now.
wearing grammy's glasses

2 is a rough age. so much struggle for independence. so much lack of control. so much frustration. at the same time, it is so fun to see his eyes wide open to the world around him. owey is always pointing out the most ordinary things that are absolutely incredible and exciting in his little world. pulling up next to a trash truck or a school bus (which for some reason he calls goose-us even though he can say school and he can say bus, but put them together and it's goose-us) and you'd think he'd won the lottery. and a motorcycle? forget about it. the kid dies and goes to heaven. ants are the coolest thing ever (though many of them have died as a direct result of his curiosity) and give that kid a hose and he could entertain himself all day and all night.

in the crib with henry

as busy and stressed out as i sometimes am, i don't always cut owen enough slack. i hope that this year i can be better about relishing in the joys of being a child with him instead of begrudging the mess i am going to have to clean up. i want to learn together and explore and laugh! i want to be a better mother because, man, he deserves it!

helping mom with laundry - he got himself in there!

truth is, i simply can not imagine my life without this firecracker of a little boy i call my son. his smile is completely contagious, his energy is enviable, and his kisses are to die for.
happy birthday my dear sweet owen. i love you to the moon.

having a little too much fun with henry's toys

some favorites at 2:
cars, cars, big trucks, and more cars.
trains, helicopters, airplanes, well... anything that moves really.
animals and dinosaurs (and the sounds they make)
being tickled, thrown up in the air, wrestled, etc. i think we're going to have a thrill seeker on our hands.
lullabies at night (especially silent night) and the "goodnight eyes, goodnight nose..." book
giving mom kisses through the crib slats
beans, yogurt, craisins, cheese, blueberries, bananas, pancakes, spaghetti (or snakes as we call them)
any dr. seuss book
when dad comes home
yo gabba gabba and the backyardigans - oh, and recently sesame street
going to nursery
grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles
dancing! particularly to "i've got a feeling," "shooting stars," and "rock island line"
coloring and puzzles
yelling "mom, mommy, mama," all day long
climbing into henry's crib

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Anonymous said...

Wow... he is absolutely adorable. Love that picture with the glasses.