Friday, September 25, 2009

how am i so lucky?

well, let me tell you a story.
a few months ago, one of my favorite local photographers put an ad out on her blog. i'd never met her, just admired her work from the safety of my computer monitor. she blogged saying that she was looking for models in the area to practice lighting on. i read the post, but didn't think twice about it. you know, 'cause i'm not a model.
my sister, however, emailed me the same day and said 'check this out! you have to do this!' and i thought - 'you're crazy. i'm not a model.'
well, my crazy sister didn't stop there - she contacted becky without my knowledge and volunteered me to be her model. she didn't tell me about it until after the fact when they'd already formed a plan to convince me to do this. miq assured me it would be great exposure formy shop and i reluctantly agreed to do it.
fast forward to wednesday. i was nauseous driving up the canyon just thinking about being in front of a camera by myself. but then, out jumped little becky earl - with the cutest little pregnant belly and a big hug. my fears and insecurities melted away as we started chatting and became fast friends.
a few hours later, i hopped into my car feeling like i had been blessed to be able to witness a seriously talented young photographer in her element. i couldn't believe how natural she was and how easy she made it for me. and really, i forgot all about the camera - and i think that is the key to why becky is just so dang good at what she does. i came home giddy to have found a new friend here in the area. one that is spunky, funny, creative, genuine, soooo nice, and a great mom. her pictures capture the essence of her subjects and i don't know what it is - she just has the golden touch.
so , i knew she was good, and then i found out she was also this super cool chick that i totally plan on hanging out with, but just imagine my awe when i saw this on my computer screen today:

seriously - who is that girl? she totally resembles the girl i see in the mirror every day (you know, when i actually shower and put makeup on)- EXCEPT WAAAAAY BETTER!
wow. now i know becky is a freaking genius. i refuse to post a bajillion pictures of myself on my blog, but if you want to see more of her amazing work, go here.
and please, if you are looking for a photographer for ANY occasion, look no further. except she's having a baby soon, so don't bug her. but after that, you know who to call.


Emily said...

Jess, those pictures are wonderful! Yes, she is an amazing photographer, but YOU ae what make them so good! Seriously, you're lookin great. Why has it been SO MANY years since we've seen each other? I guess because we live on opposite sides of the US...we'll have to fix that one of these days :)

amy said...

what amazing photos, jess! you look absolutely gorgeous. you are SO stylish!! i need you to move back to SD to help me out. (i'm looking pretty frumpy these days). what a fun experience to be in front of the camera. i have to admit that i am a tad jealous...not b/c i want a bunch of pictures of myself...but for the experience. okay, enough from me. love you! i'm off to NYC in a couple days but lets chat soon. miss you!!!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

HOLY COW YOU ARE ONE GORGEOUS MAMMA!!!!! Seriously those pics are so gorgeous!!! I hope you are framing some of those for your hubby....hmmm maybe a christmas present, he would love them. and then frame the rest to put in your house because they are SOOOOO great!!!!

Me and My Boys said...

Gorgeous picture! Seriously!!! I love it, you look amazing. how funny that your sister did that, although I'm sure you're totally glad you did it, and your kids will LOVE it when they get older and they'll have that. Your gorgeous anyways, not like you needed any help, I always envied that of you!

Madsen Family said...

jess, you look fabulous. love the photos--love you! what a talented photographer. wished i lived in the area to take advantage of her mad skills.

Melissa said...

Well, apparently you're the only one who didn't know about your model-like looks. :D That is a great photo.

Andrae said...

You look amazing!!! I love the choice of colors, clothing, and accessories! I have to ask where you got that lovely black and white jacket. I LOVE it! The collar is fabulous!

jess said...

THANKS EVERYONE!! you know how to make a girl feel good.
emily - yes! we are seriously due for a reunion!
amy- you do not need fashion advice. puh-lease.
tiffany - good idea for the christmas gift - though that's sort of embarrassing to give someone a picture of yourself! and no way will they be framed in my house! that's really embarrassing!
Laura- I can't even fathom that you could ever envy me - you are one hot mama yourself!
Jessy- yes! you do need to move to utah. that is what you meant, right?
melissa - what a great compliment coming from such a beauty as you...
andrae- the jacket is from banana republic last year. i got it for christmas and have hardly worn it since i was super prego last winter. i'm looking forward to putting it to good use this year!