Monday, May 25, 2009

progress report.

it's a love hate relationship.

thanks for all the advice - i thought i'd document the progress (baby steps) we've made around here.
first, i guess i should clarify. it's not that owen doesn't like to eat. in fact, he LOVES to eat. he would eat all the live long day if i would let him. the biggest problem is that he wants to eat what he wants to eat and when he wants to eat it - which presents many problems. for instance: he is totally addicted to raspberries and strawberries and would eat so many that he would get a gnarly diaper rash... now i just don't even buy them because every time i opened the fridge it would turn into a fight. he doesn't get the whole 'all things in moderation' thing and completely doesn't understand the link between the owee bummy and the berries. same thing with beans (see photographic proof above.) so, i'm just trying to figure out how we can both be happy.
i'm starting small here, so my first 4 goals that i have implemented this week are:
1) something green on his plate for lunch and dinner (even if he doesn't touch it for now... i can't force him to eat it, but i can give him the option)
2) a good healthy breakfast (this really is his biggest and best meal of the day - usually a whole banana, a few handfuls of blueberries, some mandarin oranges, and some cheerios. maybe even yogurt too if he's really hungry. seriously - there is no way this kid's stomach is the size of his fist because he can really pound it when he wants to.)
3) he eats what we eat for dinner. so far he has probably gone to bed pretty hungry because he's not really buying it, but this really helps with my sanity if i'm not trying to cook dinner for us and then figure out what in the world he might possibly eat.
4) stop stressing. after reading up online and getting all of your comments i have realized that owey is just a normal toddler. phew.

if you are having some of the same issues and want a good resource i highly recommend this website. super informative and helpful.

alright. here's hoping for more progress!


The Dobrons said...

you could also buy the book "deceptively delicious!"

Melissa said...

So glad you are finding some peace. :D