Thursday, February 12, 2009

love is in the air...

so, valentines day has never been my favorite holiday. it seems most of my (single) life it only made me painfully aware of how very single i was (which is why we dubbed it single awareness day) and the thought of pink and red hearts and x's and o's and blah blah made me gag. i remember when i got my mission call and realized i'd be in the mtc on v-day and i wanted to die thinking about all of those desperate valentines sent to missionaries who were supposed to be focused elsewhere. (i was a little dramatic- it wasn't that bad.) i had a bit more hope once i found my man, but turns out, although he is many things, a lover of "made-up holidays" is not one of them. and so, we have never made a big deal about it. clint has made sure to make me feel loved, but not in the over-the-top, ridiculously over-priced red roses and diamonds kind of way. just simple expressions of love that he says shouldn't require a holiday to flaunt to the rest of the world. knowing this about my hubby dear makes valentines day a lot easier - i don't expect much and neither does he. 'nuff said.
this year i decided to make it easy for him and still work to my advantage (i'm a good wife like that). the other day when he got home from school i let him know that since he is so busy and tied up with tests and quizzes and chemistry, i had already arranged for my valentine's day gift from him (sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands). and what is it you might ask?

a much needed trip to the salon.

i know- i'm sooo extravagant.
it has almost been a year since i've had a real profesh do my hair, and though i'm not that high-maintenance, it's time. so, i'm trying to get ideas for what i want - something cute and funky, yet easy and EASY. coincidentally, my sis just got bangs and i've been contemplating the same thing - though i haven't had bangs since... 5th grade maybe? of course that would mean i would either a) straighten my hair a lot or b) pin them back a lot - i don't believe in straight bangs with curly hair. though i see it all the time here in lovely utah, in my mind that hasn't been ok since perms and the wave were in style (like i said- about 5th grade). and if you've never seen curly bangs, consider yourself lucky. not pretty. so, i have 2 more days to stew over what to do... i know, my life is so exciting.
in other love day news, here is a sneak peak of my present to owen:
i'm pretty much in love. he's not done yet, and he has a friend to go with him that isn't done either, so i'll be sure to post pics after the big day. i love making stuff for my boy, but unfortunately he's not quite at the age to actually appreciate hand-made goodness (actually, do boys ever appreciate that?) - hopefully he'll like it and my arthritis won't be in vain. (i don't really have arthritis - but after a day of crocheting like a mad woman you would think so.)
we also attempted sugar cookies - since owey is obsessed with watching me cook (wants me to hold him the entire time, which is quite tricky with a giant belly and a heavy, squirmy toddler) i thought he would totally dig it.

wrong-o. the boy was not impressed. and i was not that impressed with martha's recipe. nikki - i need yours asap! (yet another reason for you to start a blog)
so, on we go trying to be festive and love-ly.
i mean, really - all you need is love...


Mique (as in Mickey) said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your creation. SO cute. Can't wait to see the finished product. Owey is a one lucky kiddo.
And I say go for it with the bangs. As Tara (and Trish who did my hair) bangs work for brunettes. But I soooooooo agree with the curly hair, straight bangs. That's why I asked if you'd be wearing your hair straight a lot. But go for it. I think you know my hair theory by now. It grows back, only thing you can change when you can't control your life, and live a little.......
Anyway- blah blah blah blah blah....miss you, love you and all that good stuff. Wish you lived close so I could see your new do in person. But um, less than 5 weeks, right?

Melissa said...

I love your curly hair! And it's such a beautiful color! Your crochet creation is soooo cute, and your cookies were beautiful! Happy hearts day!

Michelle said...

ooh, love Mr. Turtle-- so cute. And the cookies look delish.

You simply have to love Valentine's now that you are a mommy-- candy hearts, decorated Valentine boxes, buttercream frosted sugar cookies...ooh, I could just eat the whole day up(and indeed I do). And it is, of course, my oldest son's birthday so I have a soft spot for the whole season.

have a wonderful weekend and get yourself a pedicure too!

Madsen Family said...

I have the famous "side-bangs" which I adore (and now I'm a brunette, too, thanks to my talented stylist). The side bangs are nice b/c they grow out nicely, making them lower maintenance. But I say do it! Bangs are a great fun change and I think they're stylin'! Like your sis says--it's just hair. I can't wait to see the finsihed product.
PS Love the turtle toy. Your Owen is the luckiest. I doubt Will will ever possess anything homemade from me, but it's all good, right?

Mom said...

I know, you made Owen a turtle in honor of me, right? Justlet a grammy think what she wants! It's sooooo cute. (When do I get mine?)
About bangs, did you forget that you have a gnarly cowlick? Not so ggod with bangs. I love your curls, but so understand the need for change. You'll look cute whatever you decide to do.
Happy Valentine's day. I love you!

brooke said...

Cute turtle. You are such a good mom. We did make valentine's cookies though although yours are cuter. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow too, SO excited, I haven't had it done in MONTHS and for a fake blond that's a LONG time. As for the bangs, I have mixed feelings but if you keep them long you will probably be able to blend them back in when its curly or bobby pin them. I pin mine back a lot. I think I'm going to be daring and go short.