Sunday, January 25, 2009

what's new:

1) did you notice my new blog design? thanks to my seriously underpaid graphic designer (that would be clint) we have a whole new look around here. those of you who thought it was me, thanks for the compliment, but you really overestimate my talent and underestimate my laziness. i did pick the colors though! (yay me!)

2) it snowed again this weekend. not that i love the snow, but it was desperately needed after a few weeks of nothing and all the old snow was all nasty brown. it's amazing what a fresh new coat can do to an make the world beautiful again. i took this picture sunday morning because (although hard to tell from the pic) these were the biggest, wettest snowflakes i'd ever seen. it was like slurpee snow. apparently perfect for snowballs (what do i know... ?!)

3) owey finally fits into dad's belt - and we can't get enough of it. i just love that thing!! what a stylin' kid!

4) owen thinks he's big. he is now obsessed with eating like a big boy (notice the spoon in one hand and the other hand in his mouth - whatever works, kid!) and although fun to watch, it makes for quite the clean up.

i think there are pictures of me about this age with yogurt all over my face too. like mother like son i suppose.

5) an artist in the making. owey is so content drawing and is sure to be an artist like his dad. this keeps him entertained as long as we can keep the crayons out of his mouth.

6) one of my latest projects - here is the hat i just finished crocheting. carlie gave us a visor beanie that her son had outgrown and i went on a mad search to find a good pattern to copy it. i think it is to die for - now to figure out a way to make him keep it on his head. (i guess when it's cold enough out he keeps it on!)

7) this isn't anything new - i just couldn't resist snapping this picture of my cute tuckered out little boy. don't you just want to eat him?
8) i think we may actually have an official date for # 2's arrival. not exactly what i was hoping for (hard to arrange around a busy school schedule!) but what can you do? i'll keep you posted as plans are further cemented.

what's new with you?


PDCScarbroughpage said...

Cute cute child. I know what you mean, snow is almost worse when its halfway here, than just fresh clean snow. There's at least a little bit of magic in it when its falling- as much as I hate to admit it! =)

brooke said...

He's so cute and it was so much fun to see you guys. I wish we could see you more often.
We have the same problem with the crayons in the mouth. When will it stop I wonder? I can't leave him alone with them for a second or they're in his mouth.

Lauren said...

love the belt, love the hat, love little owey's face!

Cheryl said...

I just love the new look of your blog. A-DORABLE!! Clint is so talented! :) That beanie is so so cute. Have fun in the snow! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the blog layout. You're such a witty writer. And your son is absolutely adorable.

Looks like you're doing just great. I love the commentary on the pictures.

Anonymous said...

These are such cute pictures! I am not getting too excited for all that snow. We are moving the end of this month. I can't believe it's here already:) good luck with all your adventures!

Melissa said...

Hi Jess! Love your pics and the snow! Owen is a cutie and I love the hat you made. That is a great talent!