Monday, January 12, 2009

side note...

so glad you all enjoyed the tour, and that you can laugh "with" us, not at us (right?)
just a few side notes- clint has always been and will always be the one with decorating sense in our family. so, i let him have at it and have yet to be disappointed. i will pass the compliments along.
the bathroom - i realize now that i didn't even comment on how freaky the shower surround is. unique is one way to put it. crazy weird is another. i think the walls are made of redwood or something? kind of like a sauna?!? i don't know who's idea that was! and remember how i posted not to long ago asking for your best shower cleaning advice? yeah- we're back to square one. i don't even know where to start. deck cleaner?
i laughed so hard when kim (one of my mission comps) compared it all to argentina... honestly, i hadn't even thought about it, but yes- the heater is pretty much the same, the toilet - just as frigid, but thank goodness we got a washer and dryer, so we don't have to wash our underwear in a bucket with a broomstick. (though we do wash our son in a bucket - sans broomstick. hmmm... which is worse?)
speaking of - taking a shower with owey might be a viable option if a) owey wasn't deathly afraid of the shower (i have no idea...) b) i didn't have a gigantic belly and could actually hold him without killing the both of us, or c) owey was awake by the time clint got in the shower (i'm not even going to complain about this one. sleep in child!) so, for now - plastic storage bin it is. that's all.
more updates to come!

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PDCScarbroughpage said...

CAN YOU SAY ADORABLE!!! We're about to decorate- but now I have to rethink everything cause yours is so amazing! Kudos!