Monday, February 22, 2010

the goods

ok, ok, i know that at least 4 of my 5 readers don't give a care about anything i have to say, but just want to see pictures of my "ridiculously good-looking" children and hear about how wicked smart and talented they are. and so, i deliver:

granted, all of these pictures were taken all on the same day and about a month ago (turns out when you don't blog you don't take pictures either) BUT, i still love them because they are such a snapshot of our lives. owen and henry are just the cutest brothers. henry wants to be where owen is and owen wants to be where henry is. except of course when they don't. but you know - they get over it. 

i absolutely love the stage owey is in right now. well, ok - there are days when being 2 isn't so grand, but all in all he is learning and growing so fast and i looooove to sit back and watch. he is speaking in full sentences that more often than not completely crack us up (like when he looked up at me mid-diaper-change and said "mom... this is the best day EVAR!!!" such a spaz.) he is such a smart little cookie and knows all of his letters by sight, what sound they make, and of course loves to sing his abc's. counting, not so much - he's pretty good up to about 8 and then who knows what you're gonna get. shapes, check! colors, check! still obsessed with cars, check! and though i may curse it one day, when mama needs to get something done (you know, like 250 items in 2 weeks), owey is all about spacing out in front of nick jr. he still loves to dance (i gotta feeling is the latest fave) and should you ever call me on the phone you may be lucky enough to get an owey serenade (currently his repertoire includes twinkle, twinkle, abc's, itsy bitsy spider, i am a child of god, wheels on the bus, and silent night. more to come, i'm sure.)

this is what owey does when you tell him to show you his happy face and i just go crazy for that little scrunched up nose. i think he actually learned it from henry who started doing that a few months ago. o still loves to read and color and would stay in his "jammas" all day if i would let him - which sometimes i do. because sometimes i stay in my jammas all day... why shouldn't he? bathtime is the best - and can be used for bribery to do any of the following: diaper change, eat dinner, clean up toys, vacuum, mow the lawn. just kidding about the last 2, but you get my drift. o thinks taking a bath is the bees knees. but owey will hear nothing of bathtime without henry, because that's just bo-ring.
speaking of henry, check out these locks:

if you didn't know before, now you do. our boys have some serious curly hair. this is how it looks just out of the bath, and while i love it, i'm not sure he'll be able to pull of the long look like o does. because henry may just have an afro. it was bound to happen. both his mom and dad sported one at some point. it is much tamer after sleeping on it and sometimes you would hardly know it's curly, but we know the truth. good thing i'm well versed in the language of curl. and his hair doesn't normally look like this either:

maybe i'll get a normal picture of him someday.

i mentioned forever ago that henry is our little walker baby. o walked early too, but we couldn't believe it when henry started really walking around christmas time. by the time new years came, he was a walker. crawling was for babies. but along with early walking comes some bumps and bruises: too little to understand that standing up underneath the table doesn't really work and doing it over and over, but big enough to stand up under the table and hurt himself over and over. poor kid. he is quite the giant as well - has been in 12-18 month clothes since november, is in the 97th percentile for height, and currently only weighs  5 lbs less than his big brother.  my little baby's birthday is less than a month away and i am just dying to know where the last year has gone. it is INSANE how fast it has flown by.  henry continues to be an absolute joy - the most social baby i've ever met. he will go to anyone and woos all with his heartbreaker smile. he loves everything big brother does - cars, books, bathtime, dancing and more cars.

love these 2 guys and i'm so glad they have each other. i promise i'll be better about pictures. pinky swear.


Melissa said...

Those boys are the most adorable ever. They are so lucky to have you and Clint for their parents. They will know this one day. ;)

amy said...

we love those boys too! they are growing so quickly these days. we need to plan a double date for our little ones. they are bound to fall in love!

amy said...

p.s. we still miss you guys!!!

PDCScarbroughpage said...

YAY! pictures! yes, I do read what you say too though hehe. That curly hair is awesome! Caleb's only was curly from about 6-12 months, so now he looks more like his daddy, which is good too. =)

Madsen Family said...

Your boys are so precious. It makes me want to have kids close together, just a little. Glad for the cute update!

Amanda said...

Better pictures? you need to teach me how to take as "lousy" of pictures as you, because my pics are WAY horrible compared to yours! Your boys are so handsom! They are getting so big too!