Thursday, July 23, 2009

so much cuter as a boy....

great pic taken by clint (can you see him in henry's eyes? i loooooove that!)

my little henry.
i'm sorry i put girly headbands on you.
i'll make it up to you when mama makes lotsa money.

at 4 months old you:
  • have the most beautifully expressive soul-blue eyes i've ever seen
  • love to smile and giggle
  • look at your mama with admiration and awe (which then makes me feel a little inadequate and nervous to live up to your expectations of me!)
  • are a little rollie pollie and spin 360s on the ground
  • loooove your big brother and your dada
  • have the happiest disposition - unless you're hungry - then watch out!!
  • want to be sitting up all the time
  • are discovering how good your fingers taste
  • are a total cuddle bug and snuggle up to your blankie (mostly over your face) to sleep
  • still wake up every 3 hours at night (curses!!)
  • are very ticklish and think getting dressed or getting your diaper changed is just about the funniest thing ever
  • go anywhere and everywhere without complaint
  • camp like a champ
  • have the softest pale-est skin (that i don't know what to do with in the summer! sunburn-able skin is new to me!!)
  • have won over many hearts as the best behaved baby around
  • have super strong legs and love to stand up (with help of course)
  • have managed to get us all wrapped around your chubby little fingers!

we love you and are so glad you are part of our family:)


Madsen Family said...

oh, so precious, darling and cute. i just want to squeeze him. four months--that was a milestone for me. four months and i felt like, "yea, i can do this." i'm glad henry is a good baby. i hope he starts sleeping more at night for you (though it's nice that you know that he will eventually). and i'm muy impressed that you are starting a business. where do you find the time? hat's off to you, girlie!

Andrae said...

Henry is adorable! I love that picture, and his blue eyes. Way to go on the great Etsy shop! You are so talented!