Sunday, March 29, 2009

growing up fast.

(picture courtesy of auntie m)
is it just me or did this boy grow up soooo fast in the past week?
everything about him just seems like a big boy and i can hardly stand it! his hands, feet, puppy dog eyes and all the rest seem to have grown at light speed now that there is an itty bitty in the house.
one of the hardest things about recovering from a c-section has been to not be able to play with and hold and cuddle with my #1. i already miss him so much and hope that he doesn't think he's been replaced.
good thing is owey happens to also be smitten with his baby brother. he just can't get enough of him and besides all the kisses and pokes (owen likes to point out henry's body parts) he also is super curious to watch diaper changes, feedings, and says "ba-by" in the cutest little voice when he hears henry cry.
oh how i love my life as a mom of 2 boys!


Me and My Boys said...

I hear ya aren't boys' just the best! You don't seem to realize how big your first one is until that second one comes around. Hope your recovery goes well wish we were there to help.

Angelina said...

that is ONE cute boy! Congradulations for the new addition-he is pretty darn cute too! You are a great mom. Hope you heal quickly and well. I'm thinking of coming up that way soon, I was hoping maybe I could stop by for a visit and meet you cutie pies.

Melissa said...

You are so good to be blogging while you're recovering. I was good for nothing. :) I'd tell ya about the night I walked in and realized that my #1 was taking up most of her bed. She was so long. Now it shocks me on a daily basis how she is becoming a young woman. But, I won't go into details. You just enjoy those cute little babies!

Mom said...

I do make beautiful grandbabies, don't I?!!! (As if I had anything to do with it, except maybe some blue eyes?) I miss the Erickson boys! Owey and Grammy became great friends while I was there. I look forward to another visit in a few weeks. And you are a beautiful mom, Lup! I'm so proud of you.


Julia said...

He's beautiful! Congratulations. It's funny how your baby turns into a giant when you bring home the baby, isn't it? Hope your healing well.

P.S. I LOVE the name :)