Friday, January 18, 2008

look mom!!!

i don't really know what has come over me, but for some reason i have been obsessed with making the bed lately. where did this come from? i have NO idea. i have never been a bed-maker. i have always stood by the theory that it was stupid to make the bed just to mess it up again.
i guess if i really lived by that theory the things i would also never do would include:
showering, doing the laundry, plucking my eyebrows, doing the dishes.
ewww. i just really grossed myself out. good thing i don't actually live by that theory. (although i think i've seen a few who do.)
the past few weeks i have been totally unable to concentrate and get things done until the bed is made (i think i could be ocd if i let myself go there) and it's amazing how much better i feel once i can check that off my list. i know, weird. who is this chick?
so, finally mom - after 27 years i have somehow (by accident really) learned the value of making my bed. it has a strange power, makes me feel like my life is not so chaotic, like my house isn't a total disaster, like there is a point to keeping things tidy.
wow. i just never knew.


Tracie said...

I have heard that 80% of a messy room is the unmade bed. I am a bed maker and currently make 3.5 beds each morning. What really drives me batty is when my Tyson decides that he has to climb under the covers at nap too!

Holly said...

Your bedding is so pretty! Where did you find it? We SO need a new comforter!!!

Lindsey said...

I am so impressed Jess, good job! I know what you mean about feeling so much better once the bed is made, it makes it all seem a little more manageable for some reason.