Monday, July 19, 2010

hi there friendly friends!

just thought i'd check in and let you know that i'll be blogging a lot more regularly over here. i'll still post updates here, but i'm giving it a go be more consistent in one place. would you mind bookmarking me over there, and leaving me a little love every once in a while? thanks! mwuaah!
p.s. did you see i've added baby lovelies to my shop? loooooove!!!

Friday, July 02, 2010

it's true.

a real conversation in the car with clint yesterday...

me: we really suck at a lot of things, but man we sure are good at making cute kids
clint: yup.


told ya so.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

random randoms

1. haven't spewed my brain onto a blog in so long that it hurts. is there some kind of diagnosis for that? like writer's anorexia? huh? i don't know. (see, i'm in pain)
2. started healthy-eating/ sick-of-hating-my-body/ torture-myself-through-good-old-fashioned-exercise this week. i can't believe how crazy addicted i am to food. and i can't tell you how unfair it is to RUN past costa vida, panda express, papa johns all at lunch time while on a diet. curses!!!
3. so excited for sytycd to be on again. besides food, that show is my #1 addiction. not sure what to think about the whole all-star thing. tonight i realized that something was different (besides the new format). and then it hit me.... NO MARY MURPHY! no screaming like a banshee every 5 seconds. wow. that lady is annoying! i'm sure she'll be back, but i certainly didn't miss her.
4. got my first sunburn last week, and let me tell you i could not be happier about it! i had been suffering from some serious vitamin d deprivation! summer is here!! hallelujah!
5. anyone know what to do with a garden? i have rhubarb, arugula and parsley growing like weeds - literally. we don't eat any of that stuff (the landlord planted it) but i'm pretty sure i should, i don't know, harvest it somehow? i'm so lost.
6. stay tuned for more adventures in gardening.
7. i have the cutest boys ever. yes, they are little rascals and have me saying "i'm going to go crazy!" all day long... but they are pretty dang cute. saves their hides daily.
8. do i sound cranky? dieting makes me cranky. which is why i usually don't do it. which is why i need to. but hey - i've run 9 miles already this week (after not running at all for like 5 months!) and lost 4 lbs. i'll take it!
9. my one year anniversary of Allora Handmade is about a month away. i can't believe what a crazy year it's been. i hit 400 sales on etsy last week!  i've learned a lot, but man... i'm tired! i'm slowing down a little this summer so i can refocus on my family and my health.
10. i'm having a major hair dilemma. got it highlighted to cover the gray (yes, i'm that old) but the color RUINED my curls. i want to cry! and i now realize how spoiled i've been all these years not having to do my hair everyday. i want my curls back! but i'm afraid it's going to be curly gray hair or straight not gray hair.  boo - hoo!!! what's your vote?
wanna see some wicked sweet hair?

oh, those curls! to.die.for.

Friday, April 09, 2010

love me some becky earl!

remember the amazing and talented Becky Earl? the one who made me look like a rockstar? well, she's back at it, and today is hosting a giveaway for allora handmade on her blog.
oh, and you may find out why (once again) I am missing in action...
what, you've never heard of the queen bee market? well get with it! (can't keep up with me? me either...)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

one year ago today!

dearest henry boy,
one year ago today we met you for the first time...

mom was thinking: he's so white!

dad was thinking: yes! boys still outnumber the girls. (or just girl. that's me. flyin' solo.)

owen was thinking: awww man... he's gonna steal all my stuff, huh?

how did we ever live without you?
you have become part of us! our little family is somehow more complete with you here. we have come to love your happy disposition, your fearlessness, and that cute little dancing booty. you have us all wrapped around your little finger, and you are so easy to love.

and now look at you:

your personality cracks us up everyday. our little bulldozer, our hank the tank- you are certainly no baby anymore. your smile is infectious and your giggle is irresistible. those chubby cheeks are so smooshable and kissable and we just can't get enough of you!

this year has flown by so fast and even though you are a little rascal and get into everything, stop growing already! it's your job to stay the baby, ok?

we love you beautiful baby.

happy birthday, henry boy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

one year ago today...

*** repost***

dear little one,
it's the day before your birth-day and i can't tell you how excited we are to meet you.
looking down at this big ol' belly of mine i can hardly believe that after all these months and all this anticipation, you are about to make your grand entrance into this world. i hope you are ready for the craziness that is being an erickson and that you are looking forward to getting to know your mom, dad, and brother (and the rest of the world that is waiting to know you).
i'm sure you're enjoying your last few hours of preparation - and we can't wait to feel of that spirit you are sure to bring with you straight from heaven.
we love you so much and anxiously await your arrival.

mom, dad, and big brother o.

can you believe that was one whole year ago?
we had no idea!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

can you believe

that this little hunk turns 1 in less than a week?
party planning in progress... sort of.
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